Once again, it has become necessary to remind all dog owners that not cleaning up after your dog is an offence and can incur a maximum penalty of £1000 under the Anti-social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014; Part 4, section 59; Public Spaces Protection Order.  .

All residents are again encouraged to photograph or video any instance of dog fouling they see and report it to the website administrators via the Contacts Page or direct to Harborough District Council on 01858 828282. (Ignore all menu options and wait for call to be answered).  An incident number will be allocated and passed on to Environmental Health.
This applies to all areas of the village, including footpaths and around the lake.

A dog waste bin is situated at the entrance to the lake, which is emptied once a week and there is a general waste bin just up from Salisbury Court where you can dispose of your dog poo bags.

New ‘Clean it Up!’ signs will soon be posted around the village soon.