All of these photographs and many more are displayed in the Village Hall.


Middle Village

 On the left 14, 12 and 10 Main Street.


Harrison’s Seed Merchants, now Kingsmead Marquees.

Road Laying 1931

Laying of the concrete road in 1931 on the bend between Hall Farm and Widdowson’s Orchard.

The Plough & Harrow

Firstly know as The Plough and was demolished in 2002.  The gates in the photo are at the side of the Butchers Shop and led to an abattoir at the rear.

Cricket Match

 Children playing cricket in the paddock adjacent to Main Street. Through the decades, there have been many village cricket, football and rounders matches pitching the top end of the village against the bottom en.

Bottom Village

On the left (no. 32) is reputed to be the oldest house in the village dating back to 1550.  At one time it was ‘The Oak’ public house. The Old Rectory follows on the left. On the right hand side of the road is Church Hill Farm (no.35) and four terraced cottages (nos. 37, 39, 41 & 43)

The School

Sold in 1958, the school was attended by 5-11 year olds.

The Square

Originally built to house poor women who were chiefly widows of tradesmen and farmers.

Old Cottage

This cottage was on the site of where The Haven is today and to the right is a barn, now a residence called The Old Barn Cottage.

Inside the Church

 Photo shows original pews with the pulpit on the right.

Inside the Church

Photo shows the more modern pews are in place and the pulpit is on the left which was probably moved when the organ was installed in 1843.

Altar Tombs

The altar tombs are of Francis Staresmore Esq MP 

St Nicholas Church

Dates back to the 1200s.  The tower, which as three bells was rebuilt in 1703 and refurbished in 2000.  In 1843 it was re-roofed and the organ was purchased.

St Nicholas Church

View from the back of church

St Nicholas Church

 Illustrates changes made to the porch.  It was originally made entirely of wood with a thatched roof and is now partly brick with a lead roof.

Old Village Maps

The following two maps are interesting.  Look at the spelling of the village name.  The second map is a Railway company map dated 1886.  Currently unsure of the date of the first map.  
If some-one has any information of it, please let us know.