Good morning all,
Just a few matters I would like to update you on and/or bring to your attention:
Speed reduction signage
The work being undertaken by Garry Birch regarding the vehicle actuated signs is going very well.  These signs are to try and dissuade motorists from travelling through Frolesworth above the legal limit of 30mph and were discussed at our last Parish Meeting.  Garry has met with the Council reps and they have agreed the locations where the signs can be positioned. i.e. i) on the approach to the main residential part of the village from Leire, ii) on the approach to the main residential part of the village from the B4114 and iii) an additional post to be located on Main Street just before/past Salisbury Court.
We have purchased two signs and they can be alternated between the three posts.  Our next step is to await the installation of the posts by the Council.
Proposed Hinckley Freight Terminal
Many of you will be aware of the massive planning consultation being undertaken with regards to the proposed Hinckley National Rail Freight Interchange.  I would encourage you to take a look at the project website to understand the scale and location of this development.
A5 Proposals
I have been informed by our District Councillor Rosita Page that she, and our MP, Alberto Costa, have been in discussions with National Highways regarding the number of fatal and non-fatal accidents on the A5, and particularly at the crossing points of Smockington Hollow and High Cross.  They have requested of Highways England, that they consider banning right turns onto the A5 at these points, thereby compelling traffic wishing to travel towards the M69, to first travel up to Magna Park before U turning around the traffic island and travelling back down the A5.  I have personally objected strongly to these proposals as I consider it will have a massive effect on traffic looking to “short-cut” the above by passing through the surrounding villages, including Frolesworth, and I believe a much better solution should be sought.  I will leave it to you to approach your District Councillor and your MP should you wish to comment on these proposals.
Roadway repairs
We have been informed that the work to remove the blockage to the water water drains on Main Street is now planned in and will be undertaken shortly.  This may well cause short term inconvenience to Main Street but hopefully will alleviate the flooding that we continue to experience.  We have also been informed that following this work the patching to Main Street road surface will be undertaken and the “SLOW” painted road signs also re-painted.  We anticipate that this will all take place in March, but of course the dates may change.
Lutterworth Feilding Palmer Community Hospital
The parish has been asked if it would circulate to residents the attached very short survey concerning the Lutterworth Community Hospital . Mary Guppy, with a dedicated group have helped save the hospital from closure and they now plan to gather evidence for the NHS to improve the hospital with more up to date equipment, expertise and beds to allow in-hospital patient recovery. If you wish to assist with your views, please complete the survey at  or click the link  Hospital Survey
If you have any queries on any of the matters above please do get in touch either via email, mobile 07800709898 or at 55 Main Street.
Dave Webb
Parish Chair.