The Parish Meeting


(Also known as residents meetings) 

It is usual practice for the Frolesworth Parish Meetings to convene 3 or 4 times a year with a requirement for one of those meetings to take place annually between 1st March and 1st June.  They are held in the Village Hall and usually last  around 1 to 1.5 hours.  The Parish meetings should not be confused with meetings regarding the Church as they are dealt with by a separate meeting.  The Parish, or residents meeting, is solely to deal with matters of the village and Parish of Frolesworth.

The meetings are presided by the Parish Meeting Chair and coordinated by the Meeting Clerk. The financial matters are taken care of by the Financial Officer including the annual audit and Governance requirements.  At these meetings parish matters are discussed that affect the village. Some examples include the annual precept submission, planning applications received, neighbourhood watch updates and village social events that are being planned.  All residents are invited to take part and indeed to raise matters at or before the meetings.  The meetings are interesting and engaging for anyone interested in Frolesworth although only residents are actually permitted to vote on any matters at the meetings.  There are no elected councillors or indeed paid people associated with the meetings and everyone gives their time freely to try and improve our lovely village.

The main emphases for 2018 are to make positive improvements to our village making it an even better place to live and to engage with a wider village population.  Some excellent progress is being made in this area by villagers who have volunteered to take an active role in certain activities and initiatives.  Improvements have included the set-up of this web-site, the re-launch of the Neighbourhood Watch scheme and the addition of a flowerbed.  Other important matters are also currently being taken forward including speeding vehicles and parking in the village, lighting, road signage and benches. All of course aiming to make Frolesworth an even better place to live.

This is of course only possible when people get involved and are willing to give up a small amount of their time for the good of the village. This could include attending and participating in the meetings or also volunteering to get involved in taking some of the important matters forward as part of a sub-committee.  If you would like to volunteer please contact the Chair via the contact form or on his mobile phone 07800 709898  and we will welcome you at the next meeting.

You are encouraged to be added onto the village email list which is the main communication channel to find out what is happening in our village. The list is a ‘closed’ list meaning your email details will not be shared wider than the Chair, the Clerk to the Meetings and the Neighbourhood Watch co-ordinator unless you give your permission. This email list allows the timely circulation of important village information to you, including the details of the Parish Meetings. Please contact the Chair as in the above paragragh if you wish to be added to the list.

The ‘Documents’ page in this section is password-protected to protect the identity/security of villagers attending meetings.  The password to access documents on this page will only be given out by myself or the Clerk.  Only residents of the village will be allowed access.  Please contact myself or the Clerk if you require access, either by using the on-line forms on the ‘Contacts‘ page or directly using one of the emails below.  You will need to supply your full name and Frolesworth address.  Once verified that you are part of the Frolesworth community, further information will be emailed back to you. (The Chair) (The Clerk)

We look forward to seeing you to the next meeting.


Dave Webb
Parish Meeting Chair