A small group of villagers gathered to watch the presentation of the prizes at the culmination of the Frolesworth Village Photo Competition, which had been running throughout the Covid19 Lockdown period. The presentation took place in front of the church/red telephone box, which was the subject of the painting donated as first prize for the older age group, by the  talented Sean Wilson.

Sean, a busy tv personality, artisan cheese maker, artist, and author of The Great Northern Cookbook, is also a very keen photographer who relished the chance to support the village photo competition.  He had this to say after the presentation:

“Nice to hear Shafak’s story about her son (Alistair Brown) sneaking out to sit in the dark and rain for over an hour to capture the u20 category “Lightening Over The Lake” picture. Also, how Alison Hawkins, winner of the 20 and over category had a cute story about flouncing out of the house to get some air from lockdown teenage kids, sat down by the lake to unwind, where she then took the winning picture, “The Darkness Sets In”.
Each shot has a story, a fully cathartic experience. They made me smile. This is what village life is all about and it was nice to see my “In the Village” print of my watercolour going to a good home”.

Unfortunately, Alistair was unable to collect his prize due to school commitments but we caught up with him a few days later and as a young, keen photographer, he was ecstatic that his photograph was voted the winner in his age category.  Alistair’s mum, Shafak collected on the day, from Chair of the Parish, Dave Webb.

The organiser of the competition wishes to thank all who entered the competition, especially those in the younger age group; all those who took the time to study the photos and vote for their favourites; to Sean Wilson for his prize donation and Sue Tallis for helping out verifying all the votes

All associated photographs (both of the presentation and the competition entries) are protected under copyright regulations and no duplication, copying or other usage of these images are permitted without permission of the individual photographer/owner.

Winner 20 and over Age Category Alison Hawkins

© – Photographer J Birch

Winner u20 Age Category

© – Photographer J Birch

Alistair Brown Winner U20

© – Photographer J Birch