Remembrance in the UK today is hugely different to what it was 100 years ago.  People take part whatever their political or religious beliefs.  The poppy remains a humble, poignant symbol of Remembrance and hope for peace.

Every year, thousands of volunteers from all walks of life take to the streets, train stations and supermarkets around the country for two weeks during the Poppy Appeal.  This year however, Covid-19 has presented unprecedented challenges!  One casualty for Remembrance Day in 2020 is the lamp-post poppy which is no longer available to purchase this year.

However, those who want take part in remembrance can still do so. You will still be able to make a donation for the traditional poppy on the street or supermarket; you can also donate by purchasing something from their on-line shop, organise a fundraising event, or this year you can Donate, Download and Print their iconic poppy to display in your home.

Let us make Frolesworth Red with Poppies.

You will find all you need on their website, as well as the history of the poppy and how it became a symbol of remembrance.